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Basic Pole Instructor Hau

As an instructor and performer, I’m proud to represent the individuality and unique vibe of JMK. About a year and a half ago, I needed to get back into shape. All the signs were there from trying on clothes in the dressing room to the daily stresses of life. I did not want to go lift weights at a gym or be stuck inside my home exercising. I needed an alternative method, a creative outlet, support, and wanted to meet new people who are there for the same reasons or have the same interests. I found that and much more at JMK. 

As a child, I took ballet and jazz for about four years and gymnastics for a year. I have always loved to dance and was excited to see that JMK considered and offered fitness like Zumba, Burlesque, Pole Fitness, Belly Dancing, Chair Dancing and is always looking to develop new alternative fitness. I have been with JMK for year and a half. Initially coming in as a student/apprentice, I caught the “pole bug” very quickly. I’m certified as a STRIDE fitness instructor and currently teach Basic Pole. I have been performing with The House of Mood for approximately a year, an easy transition because the fitness classes are often related to the performances. I hope to have interested students and develop a Hip Hop Fitness Class in the near future.

It is my goal as an instructor to make my students feel welcome. No one gets left behind or feels discouraged. My student’s fitness goal is mine as well, and one’s self-esteem is as important as the fitness aspect. Sometimes getting passed the doubts you have mentally is as difficult as the physical part. I’m not just looking to challenge my students, make them sweat, have fun, and feel sexy but also to find comfort in their own skin, confidence in their abilities, and know they have a great support system as I did when I first started.

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